Amazing!  You're beyond the 100 Club and know the moor like the back of your hand!  You are a Grandmaster of letterboxing, and because of this you will receive exclusive behind the scenes updates during the 'BOX film shoot, and an Executive Producer credit published on IMDB and included on the end credits of the film!  You will also recieve all of the other 'Box merch. 


T-Shirt Size

    • 1 'Box 'Medusa' button badge
    • 1 pack of 4 field note books
    • Shout out on 'Box social media
    • 1 'Box art print (signed)
    • 1 'Box 'Medusa' T-shirt
    • A digital download of the 'Box film - The download will be accessible after completion of the film prior to the films official release.
    • Co - Executive Producer IMDB credit featured in the end titles
    • Exclusive behind the scenes updates during the 'BOX film shoot

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